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   LMD - Handicraft Workshop Montedragone


 The dolls, fairies and elves of the MONTEDRAGONE Artisan Laboratory

" the fairyland afar,
where the Little People are..."

R.L. Stephenson

The entire body of our hand-crafted dolls is porcelain.

Some of our Characters: Pinocchio, Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, Little Matchstick, Charlie Chaplin, Pippi, Alice, The White Rabbit, Red Riding Hood,
Woodland Fairies, Elves of the Forest, Marionettes, Old Fashioned Dolls, Children, Witches. 






The hand-crafted creations

The entire body of each doll is porcelain.

Colors are mixed by the artist, faces are hand-painted, the body is air-brushed and has articulated points (neck, arms, legs).

Some dolls have 7 articulated points, including elbows and knees.

Clothing is designed by Stefania and hand-made in the Monte Dragone Studio using the finest fabrics of silk, brocade, velvet, lace, wool and cotton, accented with flowers, leaves, silk braided trims and tiny bells.

Color of hair, eyes and clothing may vary which makes each doll unique!


 In the ONLINE STORE you can find our creations and the hundreds of characters that inhabit the enchanted land of Montedragone.